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Smaragt makes it easy for marketers and business owners to generate leads, collect emails and drive sales.

67 out of 100 players leave their email
5x more clicks on your social posts
3 minutes of play time with your brand
32 out of 100 players visit your website

"Smaragt is the Canva of games, just so easy!"

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"Smaragt makes it super easy to apply your own design to every game"

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Add your games easily to Wordpress, Shopify, Wix and many others...

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How to videos

Create a Slot Machine Game


Create a Wheel of Fortune


Create a Scratch Card Game


Create a Memory Game


Create a Click Game


Create a Quiz


Create a Catch Game


Create a Cup Game


Create a game in just 4 steps...

Smaragt is used by businesses and freelancers around the globe. They are fan of Smaragt because it smart, simple and easy to use.

Create your own game in just 5 minutes and start making leads!

Select your game
Add game content
Add participant form
And publish

We keep it simple and fun

Creating games is fun! Smaragt offers just the right features to create a top notch game.

Campaign Editor

Edit all campaigns in a real time editor

Manage Participants

Manage and export participants and data

Plugins Library

Add extra features, like analytics, confetti or Mailchimp

Share Preview

Share a fully working preview to colleagues

Duplicate Campaigns

Duplicate successful campaigns in a fly

Company Style

Add your company style to every game

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Smaragt offers a 14 day trial period. This is a great way to get familiar with Smaragt, without immediately committing to a subscription. So start right now and create your very own games!

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